Get A Computer Memory

At few years ago using 4 GB of RAM is very expensive and it is impossible. But now with DDR2 memory you will Get Deal on Memory. Cause Computer Memory is very cheap now. Most new software using huge resources at its System Requirement. For example, few years ago using Windows XP with Pentium 4 1.8 GHz and 512 MB of RAM is very quick to access most software that installed on the computer, but now using Windows Vista with same system it’s very slow system, like using Windows XP at Pentium 166MHz with 64 MB of RAM.

Adding some memory modules with Computer Memory Deal is the best choice now. But wait, you must use right Operating System and motherboard system. Cause some system can not initializing memory more than 4 GB. Only Operating System using 64-bit system and new motherboard can capable to recognize memory above 4 GB, but old 32-bit system and old motherboard only accommodate memory up to 4 GB and recognize only 3 GB of 4 GB.

Thanks to new technology that can recognize memory above 4 GB. So you can buy big capacities memory to optimizing your system with low price now. The major brand memory usually use Qimonda, Micron, Elpida and Nanya. In Indonesia, the major brand memory using local brand like Visipro, V-Gen, MVM, etc. You must choose memory with big capacities than fast memory. Because new software sometime use more resource of memory than fast memory, and usually fast memory more expensive than slow memory at same capacities.

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