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Kemarin saya mendapat e-mail dari friendster yang memberitahukan kepada saya bahwa blog di Friendster menggunakan platform blog baru pada Friendster Blog 2.0.

Hello Kurniawan,

We’d like to introduce you to your new blog on Friendster! We’ve been very busy building out Friendster Blogs 2.0 and your blog has been moved to the new blogging platform. It’s ready for you to customize, edit, and add even more content to it!

Some things you should know about your new blog:  

  • Your blog has been moved to the new platform. 
  • It is likely that your blog layout or colors may not appear exactly as they were on your old blog, you can edit or add new customizations to your blog by clicking the ‘Design’ tab or ‘Change Theme’ button when you access your blog from your home page.
  • All of the photos you’ve uploaded to your old blog will soon be moved to your new blog. When they are moved, they will be in your Blogs Media Library (Manage –> Media Library). Don’t worry, we’ll move all your photos for you!  We plan to have this complete by September 17th.
  • If you experience any inconsistencies with your blog during the next few weeks, please bear with us and please do let us know what you find so we can build a better product!

To get started with your new blog, please go to:

We look forward to your participation and your feedback on our new blogs property. We value our global community and members like you who make Friendster the success that it is! 

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Customer Support by clicking “Send us a Question” from our Help page.


The Friendster Blogs Team

Setelah saya buka blog saya di friendster ternyata mirip dengan theme default dari WordPress. Saya mencoba login dengan menggunakan link setelah memasukkan e-mail dan password, ternyata bisa masuk. Tampilan dari dashboard blog friendster sangat mirip sekali dengan dashboard WordPress dengan beberapa penyesuaian. Ya iyalah pakai WordPress.

Mungkin friendster sudah menyadari bahwa WordPress adalah engine blog dengan pengguna terbanyak di jagat internet ini. Jadinya friendster memakai WordPress dan melepaskan TypePad. Seperti teman saya si Bola Naga yang awalnya tidak suka dengan WordPress karena tidak suka dikatakan ikut-ikutan, tetapi akhirnya memakai blog engine sejuta umat juga. 🙂 Mudah-mudahan semakin banyak yang menggunakan WordPress tidak membuat tim WordPress terlena dan tetap menampilkan update-update untuk keamanan blog yang menggunakan WordPress.



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